Thursday, July 23, 2015


Q&A from yesterday: Read and answer any questions from the exit slips

Writing time: Select one of the prompts to respond to. Use the samples to help guide you and generate ideas. Begin teacher conferences on drafts.

Peer Response Protocol/Continue teacher conferences on drafts.

Lesson/Activity: The power of revision: style!
Share the first draft and revised draft of the NYU Short Answer "What club would you start at NYU?"

Discuss as a group: What are some stylistic techniques this applicant used in his revised essay? What "works"?

Pass out " Ten Steps to Sexier, Sassier Sentences" and "Electronic Windex" handouts

Writing Time: Include some new stylistic techniques in one or both of your drafts. Experiment with sentence lengths and styles, figures of speech, figures of repetition, or other rhetorical techniques. Be prepared to share! Continue teacher conferences.

Share out w/ partner, then ask some to share with whole group--what did you try? Let's hear a line/paragraph you're proud of.

Handling short responses: be specific, and remember that even the shortest of short answer-essays should reveal positive qualities about you AND demonstrate your writing style!
Sample short answer using a character from literature

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Jennifer Pust said...

2009 - moved "Badminton" and "Pencil" essays to this day.